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Freshmen and Sophomores – the ideal time

The most ideal situation is to consult with a college admissions consultant for college planning purposes before or during both the freshman and sophomore years of high school, and then begin the college search process during the latter part of sophomore year or the summer before junior year. Why so early? To be sure, students do not need to spend a lot of time on this issue during the freshman and sophomore years, but students DO want to choose their courses and activities wisely all through high school. By meeting with a consultant for planning for freshman and sophomore years of high school, students can get themselves best-situated for the college application days down the road. There may even be testing opportunities a student will not want to miss. Come see me and we can discuss a review and plan. I give freshmen and sophomores a free one-hour consultation.

Juniors – the beginning of junior year

Whenever possible, students should begin their college search process in earnest by the summer before junior year of high school or the fall of junior year of high school. Why so early? Students need time to plan testing and timing of test prep, to research colleges and visit if possible, to choose and plan advantageous summer activities, choose courses, and, if athletes, engage in applicable athletic recruiting activities. Students can, of course, choose and visit colleges starting in the winter or spring of junior year, but they will be amazed how time flies and how little time there is if they wait to begin in the winter, spring or later. Choosing colleges wisely for college visits takes time and research. Regarding testing, if students do not plan ahead, they could miss opportunities in timing that can make a difference for their overall plan. There are also other planning opportunities that can be helpful if students start early. See me to begin this exciting process.

Seniors – right away

Some students do not begin their college search process until the summer before senior year or the fall of senior year. All is not lost if this is the student’s choice, but he or she will be on a fast track—choosing colleges and starting applications simultaneously. See me and get started right away.

There is never one perfect college for any individual. There are always a number of good-fit colleges and even great-fit colleges at a variety of selectivity levels. It is my job to get to know students, as well as a multitude of colleges, their vibes and offerings, so I can identify best-fit colleges for students on an individualized basis.

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