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“Ideally, all students should have the guidance and advice they desire in the college selection and application process. It is my goal to provide the services that students and parents need to allow them to go through this exciting and often stressful process as knowledgeably and comfortably as possible.”

MEET JONA Jacobson

Jona launched jj College Admission Advising LLC, an independent educational consulting business, to provide prospective college students and their parents with the knowledge and individual attention necessary to make informed decisions regarding the student’s college application process. She is passionate about helping students and families find the best-fit college options available to them.

As Jona embarked upon the college admissions journey with her two daughters, she discovered firsthand that there was an overwhelming need for guidance at every step of the process – and that many students need and desire enhanced guidance and advice in the college selection and application process. Finding these topics and needs vital, compelling and energizing, Jona decided to pursue a career as an independent college admission advisor.

Jona earned a Certificate in College Admission Counseling from UCLA, and attended the esteemed Summer Training Institute with the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association).

In order to best advise students on colleges or universities that are a good fit for them, Jona spends four to five weeks per year touring college campuses across the country and meeting with admissions staff to determine what makes the various schools unique, as well as what type of student best fits them. Being familiar with colleges and universities across the country, Jona has the personal insight to provide students with a much deeper understanding of a particular college or university than a web site or catalog can convey.

To stay current in her knowledge and to make valuable contacts, Jona is a member of NACAC, HECA, NYACAC, and an associate member of the IECA, and she attends two or three national conferences a year. Jona adheres to the codes of ethics, professional practice, and conduct required by the professional organizations of which she is a member.

Jona holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College, a Juris Doctor from Boston College, and a Master of Science in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester in the subject areas of Biology and Inclusive Education. Prior to establishing jj College Admission Advising LLC, she was a practicing attorney, a full-time stay-at-home mother who raised two daughters and sent them off to great-fit colleges, and then a substitute teacher in science and special education for grades 7 through 12.

Jona Jacobson
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