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Jona Jacobson

Independent Educational Consultant

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Choosing a Good-Fit College

Selecting a college is one of the most important decisions – and one of the largest investments – students make. Jona Jacobson of jj College Admission Advising LLC specializes in helping students find colleges where they not only fit in, but also thrive. Students and parents need to spend a significant amount of time focusing on which colleges or universities best fit a student’s interests and needs. Understanding how much families are willing and able to budget for college should also be an important part of every discussion. As an independent college admission consultant, Jona provides the necessary counseling students and parents require at all stages of the college selection and application process to help ensure the best fit.

What jj College Admission Advising can do for you

jj College Admission Advising gives students and parents a personal counselor in the college selection and application process, a guide who has a wealth of knowledge regarding the process and the colleges, which can be of enormous benefit. Such counseling helps students navigate the admissions process and helps reduce the complexity and stress sometimes involved in finding the college options that offer the best fit for a particular student.

Jona visits numerous campuses, examines course offerings at a multitude of colleges and universities, stays informed regarding college and admission issues, and meets with admissions staff to ensure she has the most accurate and current information. Most important, Jona works for the family – and has the scheduling flexibility and time to give students and parents the support they require. The advice of an independent college consultant can often help increase the likelihood that a student will select a school that is right for him or her.

An Expert Who Will Take the Time

At jj College Admission Advising, finding the right colleges for students is Jona's highest priority. She spends the necessary amount of time with each student to design an advising program that is best suited to his or her individual needs. She engages students in a process that helps clarify their “college search priorities” such as academic programs and fit, social fit, athletic and artistic program fit, geographic fit, access to amenities, school spirit, diversity and cost, including the potential impact of need aid and merit aid opportunities. Jona draws on her in-depth knowledge to help find the best fit for each student. Once a student has decided where to apply, she offers guidance at every step of the process.

jj College Admission Advising LLC serves students and families across the country and is based in upstate New York.


There is never one perfect college for any individual. There are always a number of good-fit colleges and even great-fit colleges at a variety of selectivity levels. It is my job to get to know students, as well as a multitude of colleges, their vibes and offerings, so I can identify best-fit colleges for students on an individualized basis.



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